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Early Childhood Specialist; Course/Workshop Instructor; Author

Dr. Linda Ennis has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education. She is a psychoanalytic therapist, Early Childhood specialist, motherhood researcher, lecturer, certified specialist in Family Mediation, and published author. Dr. Ennis has worked in private practice for many years and lectures extensively on balancing work with employment, divorce empowerment, parenting strategies and family relations.

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Family Relations Course (ONLINE)

Instructor: Linda R. Ennis, Ph.D. (Education/Psychology: Early Childhood); AccFM; FDRP Med

NEW DATE: Nov. 18th-20th, 2020

FORMAT: Small Group Training (limited to 10 participants)

"Linda certainly made the theory portions very fun and much easier to comprehend with examples. The environment was warm and inviting. The articles were quite interesting and a great way to illustrate concepts. I really enjoyed the small group size and intimate, knowledgeable discussions." (former participant)

"Readings were great-love having the resources for current and future clients. Dr. Ennis was great, many relevant examples. Really liked the small class size." (former participant)

"Great course- thank you!!" (former participant)

Cost: $750.00 

Course Hours:  21:  3 days

Location: Toronto

TO REGISTER: lrennis@rogers.com

Registration closes 5 days prior to the start of the course. Full payment is due before registration can be confirmed. A 15% admin fee (plus HST) will be charged on cancellations made more than 14 days before the start date of the course date. No cancellations after that point.

A certificate of participation will be granted at the end of the final day of the course.

Description of Course:

This FDRIO/OAFM-approved course will provide theory and practical application related to families going through the divorce process and mediation. It will examine how attachment models carry over from marriage into separation, and will familiarize students with the   parenting styles  used that may impact upon  children. It will also offer practical strategies how to manage conflict during mediation in “the best interests of the child”. The course combines lecture, individual and group exercises, as well as case studies, which will provide interactive activities in which the participants demonstrate their understanding of the applicable family relations literature in family mediation.The course will take into account a substantive knowledge base, core training and activities.





This course will examine what "intensive mothering" and "intensive parenting" mean and how it impacts the parenting process throughout marriage and divorce.

Contact: lrennis@rogers.com



Why don’t we wonder what happened after “they lived happily ever after” and if, in fact, they really do? What I hope to achieve by offering this course is to familiarize practitioners with the relationship between marriage and divorce, how to encourage couples, about to embark on this marriage and divorce  journey, to talk about important issues with their future/ex partners and to construct the system in a more equal way, so no one is caught off guard if and when things crumble.




This course will follow up on the introductory webinar for the   purpose of understanding children's anxieties and how parents might deal with these fears in a constructive and empathetic way.

Linda Rose Ennis, Ph.D,is a psychoanalytic therapist in private practice, who specializes in divorce empowerment, a family mediator, an author, and lecturer, affiliated with York University. Her education includes the following; a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education; a Masters in Education; a Diploma in Child Study and a teaching degree from the University of Toronto. She has written and spoken extensively on her research in her area of expertise, “On Combining Motherhood With Employment”, which was the first qualitative piece done in this area. She has, more recently, written contributions in the Encyclopedia of Motherhood, discussing the “empty nest”, the “mommy track”, and has contributed a chapter entitled “Contract-Faculty Mothers: On The Track To Nowhere” in O’Brien Hallstein & O’Reilly’s book entitled “Academic Motherhood in a Post-Second Wave Context” (Demeter Press:2012). Most recently, she has published her edited collection, “Intensive Mothering: The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Motherhood” (Demeter Press: 2014) and “After the Happily Ever After: Empowering Women and Mothers In Relationships” (Demeter Press: 2017). 


Dr. Linda Ennis
Toronto, Ontario 

e-mail: lrennis@rogers.com